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Bellhops: The New Way to Move

Book Bellhops to help you move, lug, hoist, carry and lift things

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Book Your Bellhops Online

We operate on your schedule, not ours. Book us for the minute you want us, and we’ll be there on time. Need to change your reservation? No problem, you can change/cancel at any time with no fees.

Meet Your Bellhops

Shortly before your move you'll get an email with your Bellhops’ pictures, bios, and contact info. Your Bellhop ‘Captain' will also call to make an introduction. Bellhops is a human experience; you’ll get to know your team before they ever arrive.

It's Moving Day!

Beyond our minimum of 1 hour, we prorate in 15 minute increments. Your Bellhops will clock-in/out on their smartphones, and you'll be prompted to verify or reject the time they indicate. You always have the final say.

Review Your Bellhops

We believe “that which isn't measured, isn't managed."" Bellhops not only meet our standards, they meet your standards. After your move you can review your Bellhops and leave individual feedback on their performance.

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How do we make moving easy?


Book us when you need us and we'll be there on time, guaranteed. With over 8,000 student Bellhops across the country, we’re ready for anything.

Honor Code

Honor Code

Think the job should have taken less time? Boom, partial refund. Was something damaged? A check is already on the way. How's that for 100% satisfaction?



We're hardworking college students. Moving is our part-time job to help pay for school as we prepare to become America's future business leaders. And don't worry - our moves are licensed & insured.



We keep you in the loop. You'll talk to your Bellhops, see pictures of what they look like, and know what they're studying in school before you ever meet them.

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We're in over
91 cities!

From sea to shining sea, our student Bellhops are there to help.


per Bellhop

1 hour


Our Pricing

We dominate traditional movers'
prices because our pricing is
tailored to small-scale moving,
and you'll see that in your immediate
online estimate.

Small-scale moving help.

Apartments, 2-3 bedroom houses
and condos are our thing. We don't
consider ourselves 'movers', we're
just friends that help you move.